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Just as sports teams have winning seasons and losing seasons, so do organizations of every kind.

And just as any sports team can experience setbacks and injuries, so can any business. Often, the most devastating cause of these is procrastination. A member of your team who is habitually late can cause tremendous harm to other players. It could be in the form of added stress for everyone, financial loss, or even failure of the enterprise. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem—and you are holding it in your hands!

Ken Blanchard and Steve Gottry have clearly knocked it out of the park with THE ON-TIME, ON-TARGET MANAGER™. This book not only offers a rock-solid plan to help procrastinators get on track, but it also provides a foundation for making day-to-day decisions based on the highest moral and ethical standards.

It’s only natural for sports fans to hope that their favorite team will have a winning season each year. Similarly, shareholders, employees, and customers expect that their company or nonprofit will prosper and grow year after year. Yet both of these expectations are unrealistic—even if top-quality leadership is in place. Having a great manager of, say, a baseball club, does not necessarily guarantee a winning record or a play-off berth. Too many other factors come into play. The short list would include the strength of the competition, the nature of the schedule, and injuries to players.

Strong competition is a major factor in any sport. A baseball team that has hitters such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Willie Mays, Henry (Hank) Aaron, Stan Musial, Reggie Jackson, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, or Barry Bonds is likely to enjoy success. A team that has pitching strength—with the likes of Cy Young, Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, Don Sutton, Bert Blyleven, Roger Clemmens, Randy Johnson, or Curt Schilling—is going to win games. They have a competitive edge. That makes it tough for the opposing team. Add a tough schedule in a tough division, and things become even more challenging. Mix in injuries to key players, and many of the fans are going to be unhappy with the way the season will likely play out.

I’m sure you can easily see the parallels in the world of business, education, and nonprofit organizations.

Competition will always be keen. Your "pitchers"—your sales people—are going to be pitching against some of the best in the business. Some heavy hitter out there is going to do everything possible to out-design your products, undercut your prices, or perform better in terms of service. By putting Blanchard and Gottry’s on-time, on-target principles into practice, you and your team will be in a strong position to go for the win. No matter who you are or what you do, you will gain powerful insights from this quick-read book.

Chairman and CEO
Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns