Ken Blanchard’s phenomenal best-sellers, such as THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER® and RAVING FANS®, have made him a globally recognized business legend. Now he has joined noted business author Steve Gottry to explore one of the most common and insidious problems plaguing the workplace—procrastination.

THE ON-TIME, ON-TARGET MANAGER™ is the story of Bob, a middle manager who puts things off to the last minute. As a result, he misses deadlines, then rationalizes, justifies, and tries to explain. Luckily, Bob is sent to his company’s CEO—a new kind of CEO—the "Chief Effectiveness Officer"—who helps him deal with the three negative side effects of procrastination: lateness, poor quality work, and stress for himself and others. Bob learns how to overcome procrastination and to transform himself into a productive One-Time, On-Target Manager—through the Three P Strategy.

With this engaging parable, Blanchard and Gottry tackle the problem of procrastination head-on, and offer practical strategies that professionals in any field can put into practice immediately to improve their performance.
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